Why BPO’s should be part of your total workforce staffing solution.

As US labor costs continue to rise at alarming rates, healthcare CFOs are looking for opportunities to reduce both clinical and non-clinical costs while improving performance, market share and a better patient experience.  Unfortunately, achieving all three in today’s post-Covid world is more difficult than ever.  And with healthcare worker burnout added to the mix, providers are having to deal with higher attrition rates not seen in years prior. 

In listening to today’s workforce, we’re finding that salary, benefits and remote work options are becoming non-negotiables.  Employers are having to re-evaluate their budget needs and expectations.  Job-seekers have more options that before and are more willing to decline a job offer until the right offer comes along. And leadership is surely facing scrutiny for not doing enough.  

SkyCom Healthcare BPO is not alone in this dilemma.  Since the onset of Covid, we’ve had to double our recruitment staff, re-design our workspaces, implement remote workforce capabilities, recertify our network security certifications, just to name a few.  We basically went from being a seasoned BPO leader to start-up status in a matter of weeks.  We are all living a new reality. 

If Covid has setback your operational goals or disrupted your budget plans, maybe now is the time to consider complementing your current workforce with a BPO partner. Since we’re all going through the same employee pains, why not outsource your WFM (workforce management) to the experts? Maybe trying an alternative to the status quo and staying out of target range may be just want you need.    

Most of our clients seek our services to achieve two things; higher profit margins and higher performance, besides workforce management.   

How can we make you more profitable?

How do we achieve higher performance?

How easy is it to onboard your workflow processes with us?

How easy is it to move your recruitment and retention needs with us?

Starting a project with SkyCom Call Center is as easy as signing the contract.  We take care of all implementation and go-love needs without laboring your staff and consuming your workday. All we ask is that you give us one hour each week to share our results and help us strategize on how to take your company to the next level. 

For more information, visit us at skycomcallcenter.com.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!